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IV Hydration Therapy

Regular 1L Saline IV fluid$80.00

Top 5 reasons people enjoy our Regular 1L Saline IV Therapy

  •  To boost energy levels and increase vitality hydration
  •  To support immune system health
  •  To reduce inflammation
  •  To improve skin appearance
  •  To detoxify the body’s overall health

Regular 1L Saline IV Therapy has many potential benefits, including improved Hydration, increased energy levels, eased muscle Soreness and cramping, enhanced immune system function, and improved mental clarity. It can also help with detoxification and nutrient absorption. It can also help alleviate hangovers, jet lag, and fatigue symptoms.

 Let’s look at what makes this particular IV treatment unique and what benefits it may provide.

First, what are the ingredients in our Hydration Therapy?

Normal Saline

 Our Regular 1L Saline IV Therapy is a sterile, nonpyrogenic sodium chloride solution in water used for fluid resuscitation and replenishment. It is generally administered through an IV drip to replace lost fluids or electrolytes in the body. It can also be used to provide nutrition and hydration when needed. Additionally, it can help reduce swelling or infections and flush out toxins or other foreign substances from the body.



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